What is exercise science?

Numerous studies are published daily addressing the “Science of Exercise”. Several of them discover new factors and molecules that are activated in our body in response to physical exercise, the “exerkines”. Acute and chronic “exerkines” improve our health.
The Instagram @cienciadoexercicio was created in 2018 with the initial objective of creating a “Library of scientific articles” on this topic. The idea was to disseminate recent and relevant scientific studies in the area of ​​“Exercise Science”.
In 2019, a template was launched to facilitate the reading and file of scientific articles. The template can be used digitally and in print. In the same year, the new logo of the @cienciadoexercicio profile that is currently in use was also created. This logo represents the C for “science” (in portuguese) and an E for “exercise” in a prism with various colors and are associated with the myriad of effects that physical exercise has on countless organs of the human body and animal models.
In 2020, the “Exercise Science” webpage was “aired”, which also started to make available some digital content, many of them transferred from Instagram and also some power point material, adapted and translated images and digital content for scientific dissemination about ​​“Science of the Exercise”.
Also in the same year, the Telegram group was created, which delivers articles and images to those interested in reading studies in this area and using material in classes or on social media.
In 2021, “Blook” was launched: a book-block to assist in the reading and organization of scientific articles (papers). This block comes with 100 scripted pages and also stickers for separating articles by topics of interest. That same year, the “Exercise Science” channel on YouTube was created with the main objective of promoting science and scientists.
By Daisy Motta Santos, PhD

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