If you are a scientist and want to increase your digital presence, either by sending a video to our YouTube channel or having your article posted on our page, fill out the form below!
Our goal is to bring science closer to society and mainly to encourage more people to stay active and healthier. If your line of research involves physical performance, we also would be happy to disclose it as well.
For the video in the Scientists Playlist we suggest that the video be:
  • recorded horizontally
  • in a location without external noise that could impair audio editing
  • have a maximum of 10 minutes, with no minimum time
We ask that in the video be reported your academic trajectory, your current line of research and details about the postgraduate program that is linked to it.
If you are interested in disclose a scientific article, we ask that you pay attention to some points that we prioritize:
  • recent publication (last 2 years)
  • original and relevant theme
  • does not necessarily need to involve exercise science
* Completion does not guarantee that the study will be published.