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Join us for our live stream sponsor presentation on 25 May at the @OpenEdGlobal 2022 In-person Congress in Nantes, France.

Click the link below to see the details and join us for a live chat ⬇️ We hope to see you there!

#OEGlobal22 #OEG22 #OpenEducation
@FrontiersIn @UNESCO

Many food components impact the gut microbiome
Many definitions, many of which overlap!

I explain all on diet and gut #microbiome @DDWMeeting #DDW2022

(well, all I can explain in 20 minutes⏲️)

I love a Venn diagram
#Fiber #Fibre #Prebiotics #FODMAP #Probiotics #FermentedFoods

Atividade física no frio? Veja dicas e cuidados para manter a prática @ThiagoRosa_17 🙌🏽

Você sabia que o uso de máscara facial no inverno pode ajudar a reduzir o desconforto no frio?

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Gravidez e pandemia de SARS-CoV-2 | Physiological Reviews

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